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Hen's Teeth For The Shift-It-Yourself Savoy

When my wife Sarah and I brought home our '55 Plymouth (affectionately referred to as 'Minerva'), we knew that finding parts would be a little more difficult than they've been for our '47 Chevrolet.

Scratch that. They're next to impossible.

The Chevy is a mail order wonder. If you need a correct bolt for the rear bumper guard, you can have one sent to your house in less than a week from a multitude of suppliers. If it was a little bit later model, we could actually mail order an entire reproduction body and build our own rust-free example from the ground-up. Some say that's cheating, but cheaters still win most of the time.

Mail order parts for the Plymouth? Well, that's another story. No matter if your quest is to find good OEM replacement front shock absorbers, a reproduction trunk mat, or a quality wiring harnesses, if you own a '55 Plymouth... you're usually out of luck.

Suppliers will say the same thing: There's simply not enough deman…

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