Cheap Craigslist Projects Roundup: May 2013

When I'm bored or feel like procrastinating, you can usually find me online searching Craigslist for junk. I skip over all the shiny $40,000 show cars and $15,000 drivers and go for cars & trucks between $501 and $999. (try searching that on your local Craigslist, you'll be surprised at what comes up). Since I know there are a lot of people that often are looking to break into the car hobby but don't have a lot of cabbage, I've decided to put my obsession to good use and provide a public service I'm calling Cheap Craigslist Projects Roundup. In this disposable era, why not put your hands and minds to good use and rebuild something with 4 wheels and a seat? For less than a grand, you can put something with character back on the road...and learn a few skills in the meantime. Make them a family project! Get your kids invovled and make a mess in the garage. Heck, even some of the lamest project rides on here would be way cooler than getting your kid a Camry.

Disclaimer: I don't know any of the following sellers, and I don't have any vested interest in them. I'm only sharing information and trying to keep old stuff out of the scrapyard. Don't sue me or anything.

Here's the inaugural edition for May, 2013.
1. 1970 Chevy C10 2WD

This $800 Missouri truck has a big block, and Turbo 400 transmission and a 4.11 rear. It would probably tow anything you put behind it, and looks fairly solid. A little TLC and you'd be one orangutang away from being as cool as Clint Eastwood in Every Which Way But Loose. THE FULL POSTING IS HERE.

2. 1965 Chevy Corvair 110 Coupe

Who doesn't like Corvairs? Okay maybe I should rephrase that. Who wouldn't like a $600 Corvair with a spare motor and transaxle? That's what I thought. This one may need a little metalwork since it endured a lot of Michigan winters, but judging by the 1971 license plates on there, it may have spent more time in storage than on the road. A Poor Man's Porsche for the the cost of a laptop. THE FULL POSTING IS HERE. 

3. 1973 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible

While the "malaise era" muscle cars of the mid 1970's don't light many people's fires, they are direct descendants of the platforms that started the muscle car craze in the 1960's. Take this bloated Mercury Cougar ragtop. Sure its big, sure it needs a ton of work, and yes its probably in a really bad neighborhood in South St. Louis. Its also got a 351 Cleveland, a set of Cragar S/S mag wheels and a convertible top. For the asking $650 it may be worth a little elbow grease since only 1,204 of these cats rolled off the assembly line that year and were the last Convertible Mercury produced until the Australian-built Mercury Capris of the 1990's came out. THE FULL POSTING IS HERE. 

4. 1963 Triumph Herald 1200 2-door Sedan

Chances are you've never come across one of these little British cars because they weren't popular here in the US. They weren't even popular abroad either since only 5,312 were made in between 1961 and 1964. Less than a few hundred of these puppies likely made it across the pond. Most Yanks associated Triumph with motorcycles and convertibles. Triumph did make some cute little closed cars, including this $650 Herald that's listed as a "Henley" in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. If you score some of the brightwork such as headlamp rings and taillight assemblies, do a quickie paint job and get it running (or put a late model 4 cylinder under the hood)'ve got a nice little car that you could take anywhere for under a grand. THE FULL POSTING IS HERE

5. 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Club Coupe

This one needs a lot of work, but its a '47 Chevy coupe and looks to be complete minus the hubcaps. The stainless trim and brightwork is all there, and the glass appears intact. Overall, you're looking at a good start to a restoration or hot rod project for a measly $650 asking price. You may be able to trade a few things, in case you're short on cash.


Well, that's all I've got for the first-ever Cheap Craigslist Projects Roundup, friends and neighbors. What do you think about having this as a regular feature? Shoot me a message or email and let me know if you like these bench builds and I'll keep sharing what junk I come across online. And if you want a hand finding anything, keep in touch. Back to real work now, I've piddled away too much time online today as it sits.



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