Not So Fast-backs. 

Nothing looks cleaner than a swept roofline. I came across a rusty '49 Chevy Fleetline for sale on Craigslist tonight and it just caught my eye and made me wonder why they were so short-lived. I've always liked the 40's and 50's "sedanette" body style, especially on the GM cars of that era. The Buicks and Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles really captured that swept look that made them appear to be moving through the wind even while standing still. The designers nailed it, but the body style was only popular for a brief 10 year period.I wonder why they weren't more popular. It seems cars just started 'rediscovering' aerodynamics 20 years ago or so.

Cue the airplane sound effects and screeching tires. 

These cars appear as colorful and animated as any Disney cartoon of that time period. Who couldn't imagine a Buick Super like the one above moving around a mountain and watching the black animated "speed lines" ripple off its silhouette. Maybe its just me...

If you need anything, I'll be staring at some classifieds online using the search keywords "Fleetline", "1949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanette" and "Nash Airflyte". There's some swoopy old pieces of metal out there that need to be saved.


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