Christmas Wrap Up / Winter Warm Up

Hope everyone had a good Christmas this year (if you celebrate it), and got a few days off of work. It was a great holiday in our families and we only wish we had more time to spend, but such is life. Oscar got a cool gift from Santa: A Super Deluxe Accessory Heater Defroster! Its the nicest model of heater that they made and was more expensive than the underseat heater. It cost a whopping $36 back in 1947. The unit has one of the biggest heater cores I've ever seen for a passenger car model, too.

Its in good shape and will likely only need a little paint and some TLC and then its ready to be installed. I'm very grateful that Dad & Mom found it and it will go to a good home! Thanks you guys. Car parts for Christmas is always great :)

-In Other News-

Its only December 28th, but the winter doldrums have officially set in. So on my day off, I decided to start Oscar up for the first time since before Thanksgiving. I realized I forgot to even take the battery out nor did I fill up the gas tank before winter. I did check the coolant though, and air up the tires. At any rate, here's a little video I made this morning of me sniffing exhaust fumes and pining away for the warmer months of motoring still ahead.

Hope you all are able to get some R & R before the new year and from Sarah, Mabel, and I, we wish you the best in 2013! 



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