Back on the car & straight again, the way it ought to be.

Well thanks to Jay Ater (Da Tinman on the HAMB), Oscar's decklid is back in shape. A skim coat of filler will get this to show quality some day and there's no need to get a new panel. I had some better pictures of the afternoon we spent at Jay's shop at the Springfield Airport but they got vaporized courtesy of my phone.

At any rate, Jay was a very helpful and generous person and allowed Sarah and I to zip down to his shop, use his tools and his time for the cost of a lunch. (I still owe him that lunch come May when we meet up at the 2013 Rust Revival Car Show in Wayland, Missouri May 31st and June 1st.)Jay showed us how to use a hammer & dolly and the proper way to pop dents from a panel without distorting the metal too much or causing MORE dents. It was huge learning experience for us and Sarah and I were really impressed with his knowledge and generosity to help a couple of folks out on a cold Saturday when he had other things to do.

Oscar looks like he always did! 

Thanks, Jay. See you in Wayland.



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