Filmstrip: "You're Driving 90 Horses"

Cars & Trucks are heavy equipment that could do damage to life, limb, and property if drivers don't follow...

The Three C's:

Besides the cheesy narration and grainy film stock, old driver's education & corporate safety films can be very entertaining to watch. Chances are we've all been exposed to some form of the classic driver's ed filmstrip, or the Highway Safety Foundation films such as Signal 30, Wheels of Tragedy, or Mechanized Death. (Those are all great, and if you're really into that sort of thing  you should check out THIS great documentary on the Ohio company that developed those. Its quite...disturbing.)

In a fit of late night boredom, I decided to search up some old driver's ed films on the Prelinger Archives and came across this little gem, put out in the late 1940's by Bell System for their line workers. Having both  Grandfathers with ties to the Bell System companies over the years, and really liking the looks of the old Bell trucks in their olive green paint scheme, I decided to give it a watch. There's also a ton of Chevrolets in this film, which also makes me grin. Here's just a sampling of them.

Enjoy a screening of You're Driving 90 Horses , and remember to drive safely out there! 

BTW: This Guy Gets the Prize for Being a Safe Driver, And For Looking An Awful Lot Like Matt Dillon.



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