Logan's Cruise Night 5/18/13

Its been an interesting cruise season so far in Central Illinois. We have either had near-freezing temperatures, monsoon rains, or both since April. The local Central Illinois Cruisers car club organizes a great season of cruises, and while some events have had to be cancelled due to mother nature, many have soldiered on. Its usually only the die-hards that show up with their collector car when its sleeting and 34 degrees. I'm not that brave, so on those nights you'll find me at home, reading Hemmings and cursing a lot.

Oscar enjoying some early evening sun and a few admirers. After the recent carb tuning, he's running like never before. Plenty of power, smooth idle, and goes down the road with ease.

Last night, the weather finally cooperated for a CIC cruise-in at the East Peoria Logan's Roadhouse. We had sunshine, and evening temps in the low 70's with a nice, cool breeze. After a day of yardwork, Sarah & I decided to dust off Oscar and bring him over for the first cruise of the season. Turnout was great and our neighbors Josh & Annette brought the whole family out for a little stroll so it was great to visit with them and talk cars, too. Here's a collection of some of the 150 or so cars that caught our eye...

A recently-purchased '66 Corvair Corsa convertible. (The owner also has a showroom-clean Turbocharded '64 Monza Spyder for sale)  

Aside from a few minor tweaks, this fresh restoration job is complete. The new owners are ready for some 4-speed, top-down fun.

A slightly modified '47 Mercury ragtop.

This Southern-raised 1941 Packard Clipper was treated to a repaint and interior at some point, but very original otherwise. (Check out the original A-Ration sticker on the windsheild.)  There was a whisper-quiet straight eight  motor under the hood.

Even antique license plates have style. Tennessee made theirs look like...Tennessee.
Flatheads Forever. Everytime a see a late 40's Ford convertible like this '47 model, I think of Biff Tannen's ride from Back to the Future. Hopefully there's no manure truck inicidents in this car's future.

1970 Dodge Super Bee. I built a model of this car in grade school and painted it "Plum Crazy Purple". I think I used more glue than this guy did. What a looker, and a Six Pack car to boot!

Sarah checking out a '53 Buick Rivera hardtop. These cars have a 'factory custom' look that just oozes style.

Look, Mom...this one's for sale!

Re-powered by a newer Chevy six.

Ready to haul a load of hay, or lab puppies.

I'm sure my Pops will love this '65 Pontiac 2+2 with a 421, tri-power, 4 speed, and convertible top.

I've always had a semi-soft spot for the Datsun Z car. This little 280ZX was a clean example of one, and with the period accessory headlight covers made me realize why I used to like them: They look like a baby Jaguar E-Type from the front.

This very clean '75 Hurst / Olds makes the rounds each year. I believe its an original car, and shows very well. Not too many of these colonades left in this condition, and repro parts for anything made after 1972 don't really exist. Hats off to the owner for keeping this piece of history alive.

Who doesn't love a '63 Bel Air wagon? This one's ready for the Power Tour.

DeTomaso Pantera and a hot-rodded Shay Model A roadster. Two radically different machines with ties to Ford.

A trio of Camaros.

Any Nova Super Sport fans out there? This small-block brute is ready for some action.

Y'all need a tow? Get in...

Creature comforts? What are those?

Prepare for launch...


I don't always take pictures of gasser tribute cars, but when I do, they're pictures of 1955 Chevy gasser tribute cars.

The new Ferrari...I mean...Dodge Viper. Looking very Italian in that Viper Red paint. I'd rock it.

A very reserved SS 396.

Butternut Yellow is the new Marina Blue.

What's under the hood? Oh just a warmed-over small block. Warmed over by some guy named GM Performance Parts.

The Central Illinois Cruisers schedule for 2013 includes some great FREE shows that are a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night with friends and see people roll out some fine machinery on warm summer nights. If you live near Peoria or find yourself passing through on a weekend, look them up and swing by one of their gatherings. You won't be disappointed.



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