Boy, That Escated Quickly.

To quote the legendary Ron Burgundy, my post about the Mister Softee trucks and Civil Defense "got out of hand quickly". Daniel Strohl, online editor for Hemmings linked to it over at Hemmings Blog last weekend, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Daniel's post led to AutoBlog picking it up the following day, and by Wednesday morning, it was a featured story on the AOL homepage. Today its on Fark. Who knew and old rusty ice cream truck would generate so much buzz? Because of this I've enjoyed the most pageviews of any post I've created.

It was a nice little 15 minutes of fame, and I'm so appreciative of everyone's time, comments, and feedback. This transportation blog is a hobby of mine, but its also a way to connect and share stories with folks from all over. That's what I enjoy the most: sharing stories and experiences with everyone from all walks of life.

As a result of this 'publicity', I've heard some wonderful anecdotes and memories from New Jersey, Indiana and even Taiwan. Global village, indeed. It is my hope to continue to babble about strange and amusing subjects for as long as I can, and as long as you all enjoy it. Thank you all for stopping by my blog from time to time and humoring me. Happy motoring!



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