Filmstrip: Live and Let Live (1947)

"Accidents don't just happen." -Ominous Narrator
Keeping our recent theme of safety behind the wheel, here's a vintage driver's education film from 1947 produced by Aetna Casualty and Surety Company. Its a classic stop animation film complete with toy cars, a soundtrack, and dramatic sound effects.We learn what causes common accidents and why drivers need to use the proper hand signals before turning. There's a few great disaster scenes involving model trains and cars (this is serious, so we shouldn't laugh. Ha ha!). It appears to use Tootsie Toy cars and a sweet scale town layout in someone's basement. About the only thing missing from this film is the sound of your Mother telling you its time to put away your toys and come to dinner.

I hope you enjoy today's distraction "Live and Let Live". 

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