We're Finally On Facebook

We pulled the trigger. We took the plunge. It took about 2 minutes, but we finally setup a Throwin' Wrenches page on Facebook. There was no large demand for this, but in the age of social blah-blah-blah and 24/7 stimulation we were forced to find yet another vehicle to send you stories and pictures of cars. Speaking of cars, there's going to be an automotive smorgasbord for you in the near future.

The Throwin' Wrenches Facebook page will also be a place for folks to discuss all things mechanical that pops into your head. Send a story idea our way, tell us what we're doing right or what stinks. It will also be a way for you to get a quick fix of something 'cool' to tie you over while you work diligently at your job. We all know that nobody checks their Facebook pages at work, right? Never!

Our new company car.

This blog will still be the main page-o-fun, so make sure to keep checking things out here, but Facebook will be the place where I share new content alerts, daily anecdotes, and maybe even a joke or two. Feel free to like us and stay in touch that way as well. Thank you for your encouragement and comments over the last few months, and for following Throwin' Wrenches.



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