Tear the Roof Off the Sucker

Its been a while since I've posted anything here, and for that I apologize. Its been a busy year. My wife, family & I tore into our kitchen and bathroom and decided it needed to be redone from top to bottom. It was well worth it since now we have such extravagant, previously unavailable features such as running water and floors. Life is good.

While walking the dog this summer near the house, we happened upon the back parking lot of a nearby library that sits just a few blocks from the local fire department and rescue squad. Parked out back were five older cars that had their roofs peeled back and appeared to have served as practice cars for the local emergency responders who likely used the jaws of life and other extrication tools. It was quite the sight. It looked like a pileup on the expressway that someone forgot. Being a strange so-and-so, I took a few pictures and thought they'd make for a good post.

Naturally, there was the Dodge Caravan, a common sight on the roads and one that usually contains precious family cargo that needs to be handled with care in the event of a crash. This one was among the newest cars in the practice fleet.

Three other cars included the first generation Dodge Neon, late 90's Chevy Blazer, and an early 2000's Buick Park Avenue, both pretty well worn and ready to donate their bodies to science. The Neon got cut up pretty good and was starting to collapse from the lack of a roof structure.

I was rather saddened to see a classic mid 80's Ford Crown Victoria among the (simulated) crash victims simply because I like the platform...but this one was a little crusty along the rockers and quarters. It was probably destined for the scrapyard soon enough, so it served a higher purpose. But I'll bet the 302 and AOD still ran well and the crushed blue velour interior was still plush. Gross...but plush.

All in all, its encouraging to see the local rescue squad practice vehicle extrication once in a while in a public setting. It shows that they're staying sharp and making sure that they can perform their job in the real world with certainty. I hope we never have to call 911 and see them perform these feats in real life...but if we ever do, we're certain that they have the experience to peel us out of a wrecked car in a matter of minutes thanks to a few hours in a parking lot and a couple junky old rides.



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