Thinking Globally

We love France. We love everything the country stands for. The beauty, the art, the cuisine...even their quirky little cars! But most of all we love the people and their passion for life.

This week's tragic attacks have left us stunned at the power of negativity, and we have no words for what happened in Paris. Sadly, we haven't seen the end of such terror and likely never will. As the world seemingly spins out of control, it is our hope that we can only grow closer as a civilization. To learn from each other and unite to keep the hate from spreading would be a remarkable feat.

Take a moment to remember who and what is important this weekend. Do something that makes you smile. Make someone else smile. Ride the bike, take your significant other out in the convertible for an early morning spin, or grab an ice cream cone with the kids. Our time on this planet is too damn short to feel threatened by anyone or anything. Relish the present and the ones you're with, and spread some love to combat the hate.
Take care.


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